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Illuminated pages from the Pepper Bible on Youtube

Here is the link to several illuminated pages from the Pepper Bible to show off the reflection of the metals on the pages. These pages are mostly from Luke where almost every chapter starts with a full page carpet page illumination.

The Pepper Bible – Facebook page

Saint Luke Cross – a Cross-Stitch Chart



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The Saint Luke Cross is the first chart in my new series by Kathy Bowden, which is based upon the artwork from James Pepper’s hand-scribed, illuminated Bible. This particular chart is based on the image in Luke 68:10, from the ebook, “The Gospel According to Saint Luke”.  Happy stitching!

The Gospel According to Saint John, an Illuminated Manuscript (The Pepper Gospels) by James Pepper

The Gospel According to Saint John; an illuminated manuscript by James G. Pepper


An illuminated Manuscript of the Gospel According to Saint John by James Pepper, part of the Pepper Gospels. The work is entirely by hand without the use of computers. . This volume, contains dozens of original illustrations, this book is a devotional treasure.

The cover features a flock of Ivory Billed Woodpeckers, the mating pairs are flying in formation to form a cross.  The bird was thought to be extinct, but were found near the Mississippi River and the birds are used here to represent Resurrection.

“Four Prayers for All God’s Children This Christmas”

Four Prayers  For All God's Children
Four Prayers For All God’s Children

Four Prayers for All God’s Children This Christmas

The Lord’s Prayer, the Prayer of Saint Francis, The Serenity Prayer and the Prayer of the Holy Spirit, handwritten and illustrated by James G. Pepper with the commentary by  Bill Lawrence, the Dean of the Perkins School of Theology and by Mark Stamm, a Professor of Theology at the Perkins School of Theology. The book is being published by Terry Jones. It is a paperback book  and the proceeds of this book are going to benefit Children’s Medical Center in Dallas Texas.


Christmas Cards on

We have Christmas Cards of pages handwritten and illustrated including “Silent Night,” “The Fruits of the Spirit,” The Lord’s Prayer and “For Unto Us a Child is Born” at