Samples of the calligraphy

I have made  – by hand – an illuminated manuscript of the Gospels, a separate and complete New Testament, and several books of the Old Testament.  I did not use computers, I did it the hard way, as it has been done for centuries. For this work I have blessings from Pope John Paul II and the Archbishop of York.

“It is given to very few to undertake, or even contemplate, a labour of such Herculean proportions. It is given to fewer still to complete it. What you have done represents an achievement which, so far as His Grace is aware, is quite without parallel in modern times.” ~ Archbishop of York Sentamu Ebor

“His Holiness prays that your work will help you to discover each day in the inspired writings of the Old and New Testaments “a support for faith, food for the soul and a pure and lasting fount of spiritual life” ~ March 26, 2002, Vatican

“It is a powerful witness to the living God.”  ~ Archbishop of York Sentamu Ebor

“He invokes upon you joy and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ.” ~ March 26, 2002, Vatican

Page from The Gospel According to John
Page from The Gospel According to John


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